These are the current bylaws for the summer village.  Only active bylaws will be placed here. If you would like a signed copy, please contact administration.

24-01 Animal Control Bylaw

23-03 Temporary Seasonal Docks and Lifts Municipal Reserves

23-01 Millrate Bylaw 2023

22-01 Intermunicipal Development Plan

21-02 Use of Public Lands Bylaw

21-01 Municipal Development Plan Bylaw

19-07 CAO Bylaw

19-06 Fortis Franchise Agreement Bylaw

19-05 Council Procedures Bylaw

19-04 Bylaw Enforcement Officer Bylaw

19-03 Emergency Management Bylaw

19-01 Assessment Review Board Bylaw

18-04 Disposal of Sewage Bylaw

18-01 Council Code of Conduct Bylaw

12-03 Land Use Bylaw

12-01 Fire Bylaw

10-04 Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

10-03 Subdivision Authority

10-02 Development Authority

01-03 Designated Assessor

99-05 Access to Information and Privacy

99-04 Penalties on Unpaid Taxes

99-02 Regulating Public Parks

98-02 Records Retention

96-03 Regulating Vehicular Traffic

96-02 Penalties for Violation of Bylaws

95-10 Transition of Municipal Assets

95-07 Establish Fees for Subdivision Process

95-02A Policies for Business Plan, MDP, and Drainage

95-02 Policies for Reserves, Roads and Parks

95-01 Establishing Officers

94-44 Meetings by Conference Call

94-41 Contingency Plan for Status Change

85-09 Provide for a Recreation Board