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Blaine Boutin



Biography of Blaine Boutin

Greetings to the Summer Village of Larkspur. I’m honoured to be a part of Larkspur council and thanks to all of residents for their support. As councillor, I will work to maintain and enhance Larkspur/Long Island Lake as great place to be and will work diligently with council and Westlock County to preserve this amazing area. I know my personability and resolution skills will be a great asset to this position.

I was raised on a farm in the Clyde area and I have been coming to Long Island Lake since I was a child. I have been married for 29 years with two wonderful adult children and reside in Edmonton.

Along with my very large deep-rooted family from the Clyde, Westlock and Dapp regions, I have a great appreciation for this beautiful area.
Our Boutin family has had a cabin at SV Larkspur for 20+ years where we spend many days enjoying all seasons.

I am presently in my 13th year working with the Alberta Industry Training and the last 6 years I have been on the Board of Directors for Alberta Apprenticeship.

I am also a 30+ year Red Seal Automotive Diagnostics Technician and Shop Foreman for a Napa Autopro shop in Edmonton.

I highly value family and friends and will work to keep Larkspur a wonderful place for generations to enjoy. I look forward to working with residents to resolve issues and I am always available for discussions. I believe this is strong council that will serve the Summer Village of Larkspur well.



Jason Meliefste



Biography of Jason Meliefste

Welcome residents of the Summer Village of Larkspur! I'm excited to contribute on Council in protecting, sustaining, and maintaining our beautiful summer village. My family have been weekend and vacation residents every chance we get and love the escape and experiences it provides in all seasons. We love the summer village not just for its wonderful nature and various family activities but have quickly come to enjoy the other aspects of community it offers with the many friends and acquaintances we’ve met over the years.

I've been involved in municipal government for over 20 years. My primary responsibilities have evolved from project management and engineering to more leadership of staff and teams responsible for building and transportation infrastructure projects. I have a strong background in various aspects of municipal government from budgets, policies, bylaws, land use planning, etc.  I am excited for the opportunity to be on the other side of government as an elected official supporting our CAO and other Councillors in representing the interests of residents and the broader community.

Jason Meliefste