Message from the Mayor:

Greetings to all residents, permanent and seasonal, of the Summer Village of Larkspur.

Welcome to our new and improved website. We, your Council, hope that this website will be a way for you to stay in touch with us. In the event information on this site is ‘fuzzy’, please be sure to contact us for clarification. In the event that you have concerns, news and ideas, also be sure to let us know. Our contact details are in the ‘contact’ part of this website.

My family and I have enjoyed the Summer Village of Larkspur and Long Island Lake and its surroundings, for more than twenty years. We feel fortunate to be able to enjoy the wilderness and the beauty of this area. The lake is one of the most pristine in the greater area; the rolling hills, the forests, abundant wildlife…this is truly a nature lover’s paradise.

Recreational properties have value; quality of life is priceless.

This ‘paradise’ is a shared property: Summer Village and County property owners, service organizations and week-end enthusiasts participate in water activities, skiing and snowmobiling, camping, swimming, quading, hiking and hunting and fishing. All of us ‘participants’ must take ownership and stewardship of this ‘paradise’ so as to make sure it is left clean and serene for all users and, in the long term, for future generations. We encourage all residents and visitors to take care of the lake and to make it a safe play area.

I hope that this website will be a useful tool in communicating information and ideas so that we can all better contribute to the conservation and stewardship of our Summer Village and of the surrounding environments.

Nick Tywoniuk, Mayor
December 10, 2016


Canada's 150th

This year marks Canada's 150th birthday.  Happy Birthday Canada!!