Larkspur Natural Area Society (LNAS) Newsletter

Larkspur Natural Area Society Newsletter- Spring 2022

The Larkspur Natural Area Society was formed in the spring of 2021, following the very generous donation of 17 areas of natural land adjacent to Larkspur Drive in the Summer Village of Larkspur. A group of enthusiastic volunteers came forward to establish a Board and we have been working hard, holding monthly meeting throughout the fall and winter.

The Larkspur Natural Area Society Board

Chair, Donna Crozier

Vice-Chair, Jason Workman

Treasurer, Fay Aitkenson

Secretary, Mary Ellen Hoogers

Communications: Elsie McGaughey

Area Development: Lyle Bernie


To preserve and respect the natural state of the Larkspur Natural Area and enhance the health and well-being of the community for generations to come.


To preserve, maintain and respect the ecosystem of the Larkspur Natural Area for future generations.

Limit the development of trails, leaving a natural look. “Leave nothing but a Footprint”

Encouraging users to find enjoyment and appreciation of nature for generations to come.

Guiding principles:

        • Maintain the ecosystem
        • Leave nothing but a footprint
        • Provide education opportunities for the community
        • Enjoyment and appreciation of nature.

The LNAS Board has completed a walkthrough in the natural area to determine the nature paths. There is currently an existing path, across from the Larkspur Library. Our goal for this year is to clear any debris from the trail, making it more user friendly. We have also determined a second path that will connect to the main trail, which will be cleared to make a loop for people to enjoy. The LNAS Board will strive to keep the trails and the reserve as natural as possible with few disruptions to the wildlife, trees, grasses, flowers etc. Eventually we anticipate holding nature walks, bird identification sessions and potentially building bird and bat houses for the reserve. The reserve is for everyone’s enjoyment so if there are things you would like to learn about, please let the Board know.

If you have any feedback and or would like to volunteer please contact Donna Crozier at donnagc