Alberta Municipal Affairs

The new MGA (Municipal Government Act) is now in place, and along with that comes many changes. Council has been working very hard this year and that will continue over the next year. Many of our bylaws have to be revised and some new ones processed, and it is now required that we have substantial planning documentation. Most of the revised bylaws are now in place and the planning documents are off to a good start. They are as follows and are all mandatory under the new MGA (municipal Government Act):

MDP (Municipal Development Plan)

This is a planning document done for the Summer Village of Larkspur and pertains primarily to our summer village. It includes a lot of information about our village and also plans for the future. You will be receiving a draft copy of this shortly and we would like to have your feedback before the final revisions. 

ICF (Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework)

This document is one that has to be made together with any municipality that you have agreements with. For us, the only one we have is the Westlock County, where we will have a landfill and recycle agreement, a road maintenance agreement, a Fire Protection agreement and an emergency management agreement. You will also be receiving a draft of this agreement. It is now very close to completion.

IDP (Intermunicipal Development Plan)

This is a plan developed jointly by two or more neighbouring municipalities to manage land use and development decision-making for an area of land in close proximity to their shared boundary. The IDP is a statutory plan, required under the Municipal Government Act (MGA).  Together with Westlock County, we have hired Municipal Planning Services to take the lead on this document. This is the most complicated document and the MDP and ICF cannot be ratified until this one is completed. The other two cannot contradict anything in this document.